Sneak Peak: How to Shoot in Manual Mode

The Secret Formula

Here's the secret to shooting in manual mode:

  1. Settings: Pick settings and priorities (use the Shoot Manual Guide).
  2. Light meter: Check your camera's light meter.
  3. Focus Point: Choose your focus point.
  4. Test photo and Adjust: Take a test photo. Adjust settings while checking your light meter and image.
  5. Pose our subject: Give instructions to your subject. 
  6. Shoot: Capture 2-3 images, recomposing as needed. 

Like many other skills, building your knowledge and confidence takes practice. So that's what we'll do in this course. 

Nervous? You Can Do It!

Are you worried you won't have the right settings at the right moment? You can prepare for 90% of those moments by scouting the location first or arriving early. 

Are you worried you won't be able to adjust settings quickly in the moment? Lighting often stays relatively consistent. You'll be surprised how often you can keep the same settings for multiple exposures. 

The Backup Plan: RAW Files

Need a backup plan? Always shoot in RAW. RAW allows a generous amount of adjustment to exposure in editing, making it very easy to save under or over-exposed photos. If you're not familiar with RAW files, choose JPEG. 

Canon DSLR screen to select file save type.

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