Why Shoot in Manual Mode?

Auto Mode Can't Read Your Mind

Auto mode technology keeps getting better. But it still can't read your mind or see what you see. It’s programmed to create a balance of light and dark. 

Auto Mode Makes Gray Images

Using your camera or smartphone, take a picture of a white piece of paper in Auto mode. What color is the resulting image? It’s gray! Your camera doesn’t know it's photographing a piece of paper. It creates an image that balances light and dark: gray.

A photo of a white piece of paper filling almost 100% of the frame. It's gray illustrating that auto mode makes gray images.

A white piece of paper fills 100% of the frame.

Why should you take this course?

This course will teach you about your camera and build your confidence shooting in manual mode. After completing this course, you will feel comfortable controlling the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and more. And next time there’s a photo opportunity, your camera will be in manual mode, and you'll capture the image you imagined.

NASCAR Truck Series driver Jordan Anderson sitting in his truck preparing for a race with his father and team member helping him.NASCAR Truck Series driver Jordan Anderson prepares for a race with his father and a member of his pit crew. 

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